Baltic Sea Glass

March 12, 2017
Baltic Sea Glass

Symmetrical and asymmetrical at the same time, The Baltic design holds no boundaries in the story it tells. The feeling of movement comes to mind when seeing The Baltic. The curving lines and blend of geometric elements capture this designs timeless feeling.

Material -The Baltic can be made in sterling silver or 14kt white gold. The sea glass used can be provided by the customer or sea glass from my collection can be used. If you would like to use sea glass from my collection you will need to specify the glass color. I will select a few pieces from my collection and send you a picture via email for you to choose your favorite. The Baltic is normally made with a diamond to complement the glass, but many different gemstones can also pair nicely with the glass. I can provide a diamond to your specifications or help you in choosing the best diamond for your budget. You are also welcome to provide the diamond for this design.

The Baltic

Design/Band โ€“ Starting with a bold piece of sea glass, it is completely surrounded by metal wire. The wire comes up creating a tight curve to house the prongs for a diamond. The wire continues back down making a curved end. Each side of the band is formed by matching infinity symbols. The very base of the ring is finished with a half round sizing bar.

Sizing โ€“ The Baltic can be made to any size requested. If a change in size is needed after your special order is completed, resizing can be done for an additional charge. The ring can be resized by me or a trained jeweler with a laser or pulse arc welder in your area. This design features a sizing bar for ease for future sizing.

Other information โ€“ This design could be altered slightly to incorporate any shape of sea glass.

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