Roustabout North Sea

March 31, 2016

The entry level jobs on oil rigs are often more commonly known as Roustabout jobs. On almost all oil rigs, the workers are usually expected to follow a strict work schedule of 12 hours per day, Seven days per week which usually extends to two to three weeks. The function of a roustabout requires the worker to bend hisback and to get his/her hands dirty. The task of a roustabout requires cleaning and painting the oil rig to mixing the actual drilling mud and in many cases moving materials and equipment around the oil rig. The most intriguing and stimulating part of a roustabout job is that almost everyone that means something on board the oil rig has to get started being a roustabout.

For people who are fluent English language speakers or even know enough English to successfully get their messages through, there are three main locations where they can easily get employed for oil rig jobs. These places comprise of Canada, US and UK.

Currently, it is fairly easy to get offshore roustabout jobs in the US, especially in the Gulf Coast region. On the other hand, British citizens can face a tougher scenario. The reason being many UK based employers will require you to show a BOSIET offshore survival training certificate, offshore medical certification, and will also require you to complete a GreenHand course. When you compare the benefits of an oil rig job along with the expenditures sustained during completing courses, the benefits easily out weighs the efforts.

Oil & Gas recruiters in Aberdeen, (us for instance!) have a good eye upon this opportunity to provide the right people for the right job. Aberdeen recruitment has grown since it has been seen that substantial oil deposits were discovered in the North Sea. Throughout the late 20th century, Aberdeen has led the charge and enjoyed the position of being the centre of Europe's petroleum business. Aberdeen is often referred to as the Oil Capital of Europe because it has the world’s second biggest heliport as well as an important service ship harbour port serving oil rigs off-shore. With so much working in the favour of Aberdeen, one can confidently predict that Recruiters in Aberdeen for the oil and gas industry will continue to enjoy a forefornt position in worldwide oil jobs.

Entry level roustabout jobs | oil rig jobs | roughneck
Entry level roustabout jobs | oil rig jobs | roughneck ...
Roustabout Jobs-Here is How to Get a Job on an Oil Rig
Roustabout Jobs-Here is How to Get a Job on an Oil Rig
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