Offshore North Sea

September 21, 2022
Wood Group secures contract

While the North Sea already has offshore interconnectors with more yet planned, so far there are no building blocks to integrate offshore wind farms directly. Although these would be cost efficient, obstacles include regulatory frameworks, the incompatibility of support schemes, lack of political support, difficulties in attracting financing and uncertainty about risks.

NorthSeaGrid is the first in-depth study to focus on these issues and to attempt to find solutions. It is the follow-up to the earlier OffshoreGrid project, which looked at designs for a meshed offshore grid using existing offshore wind farms. The new project, which ends in 2015 and is led by the Belgian consultancy 3E with five partners, is carrying out three case studies involving six countries to understand why these ideas haven’t got off the ground.

“We wanted projects where interconnection is likely to happen and where there is further potential for offshore wind integration, ” says Pieter Joseph of 3E. “This study is both theoretical and very practical.” For the grid to be created, the regulatory systems in each country need to be aligned. Each case study is to involve a number of scenarios, cost inventories, cost and benefit allocations and analysis of regulatory frameworks. The outcome will involve policy recommendations on how to overcome barriers and mitigate financial risk.

The project is funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme which run until 2013. New funding opportunities are available under the Horizon 2020 programme

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North Sea, Rough Weather, Offshore life. Bad Weather 2013
North Sea, Rough Weather, Offshore life. Bad Weather 2013
Película Offshore North sea Giant en Vigo Galicia
Película Offshore North sea Giant en Vigo Galicia
Offshore workers evacuated after gas leak on North Sea
Offshore workers evacuated after gas leak on North Sea ...
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