North Sea Pearl

September 21, 2022
North Sea natural genuine

As you can see these items are sold by Ahlurglgr for 30 Winterfin Clam.

At this time the area is full of people and you'll probably have to wait for the area to become less overrunned.

//Edit: i just found one in a Darkwater Clam

Comment by fabsn

I just found one in a Darkwater Clam.

Nice to receive a bad rating. I just tried to inform because the "Contained in"-Tab wasn't there when I wrote this comment.

Comment by Neth

You need to do an easy quest for the King of the Murlocs to open the vendor.

This is a limited supply item however.

Comment by Ikayuro

I just found one of these in a clam dropped by A Gorloc Steam Belcher.

-Meliari, Aggramar

Comment by tams

Didn't see this mentioned previously but it looks like the respawn rate at the vendor for these pearls is an hour. I bought 1 pearl at 9:20 and came back intermittently over the next hour. At exactly 10:20, 2x pearls became available to buy.

Comment by Baultric

I've been able to buy only 2 pearls from the vendor and that was 2 days ago. I currently have 100 of the needed clams for trade/ to buy and have not been offered any more pearls by the vendor.

Am I missing something, or was this just a one time deal?

Comment by bhoot

The information here is incorrect. These pearls don't stack. One pearl per bag slot at the time. Probably a bug though considering that they aren't of that much value and the much more expensive siren's tears do stack.

Comment by Mylee

This is incorrect - they do stack, but you have to drop them onto each other manually.

Comment by notos

As 3.0.8 no longer on limited Stock from Ahlurglgr and costs 30 clams

Comment by Felixia

As of 3.0.8, the Northsea Pearls are an unlimited supply from Ahlurglgr, although they still cost 30 Winterfin Clams each.

Comment by iranou

Odd that the "contained in" section on this page lists only Brooding Darkwater Clams, but not regular Darkwater Clams. Could anyone rectify this?

I've had more luck farming from murlocs in Borean Tundra (e.g. Winterfin Shorestriker) and Howling Fjord (e.g. Chillmere Tidehunter) than from fishing in those zones.

Comment by FreedomX20A85

i wanna let you know that you can get that northsea pearl unlimited depens how much clams you got in your bag

Comment by twowolves

These things are all over the Winterfin camp. You'll usually find them mixed in with the seaweed piles or next to the structures, including those in the cave. Just clear away the murlocs and loot. You can easily pick up 30 within 10 minutes. Their placement around the camp is fixed with pretty quick respawn times. Have fun!

These things are all over the Winterfin camp. You'll usually find them mixed in with the seaweed piles or next to the structures, including those in the cave. Just clear away the murlocs and loot. You can easily pick up 30 within 10 minutes. Their placement around the camp is fixed with pretty quick respawn times. Have fun!
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Comment by Satoku

The pearls can occasionally be found in Bag of Fishing Treasures, a reward from the fishing dailys given out by Marcia Chase.

Comment by romracer

I got 3 of these from one of the new Dalaran fishing dailies, so it seems there's at least one more way to get these now.

Comment by Tekalani

Because it's not yet listed in the Contained In... tab, these are also found in Giant Darkwater Clams.

Comment by Shortzo

is there any useful or profitable use for these?

Comment by tehdoughboy

You can also get these from the . Just got a couple today.

Comment by djshadowpain

Will be used for:

So start stocking up while its cheap (at least from the AH).
Tailors gonna be buying them ;), I know i would.

Comment by Zerubbabel

I just fished up 4 Giant Darkwater Clams in WG and 2 of them contained a Northsea Pearl. The other two had 8 Succulent Clam Meat each lol.

Comment by Deviltry

Buyout price: 49 s (each)
Sell Price: 50 s

Comment by Viresse

Found one today, along with 5 Succulent Clam Meat, in a Giant Darkwater Clam.

Comment by britters

Also found one of these inside a Darkwater Clam while trying to accumulate 30 Winterfin Clams to buy a Northsea pearl.

Comment by Sythenia

You can get them by trading 30 Winterfin Clams to Ahlurglgr. They can be looted but they are also found ALL OVER the Winterfin Village in Borean Tundra. They're usually near

- Any huts occupied by a monster
- Fire posts
- Sea grass on the shore line and also near the dead orca whale
- Shoreline under the water
- Winterfin caverns (again near any huts, and in cracks near rocks)

They respawn about as fast as the monsters do, very farmable. It's alot faster then just killing the monsters for them.
Hope this helped..

Comment by Wimbleton

This is not a hard farming option but at 30 clams per pearl, it will take you a bit of time. On one realm, I can't even give these away. On another, there have been none in the AH for months. On a third, they're listed in the AH for 10G apiece, which nobody would pay. Economics is becoming something of a lost art.

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