Skagerak Furniture

May 28, 2015

High class garden furniture and design articles for the flat

Trip Trap is the leading brand regarding quality for the garden and design articles for people’s homes since 25 years. The basics of the success were maritime values that characterize the design and business of the company. Those values are more displayed with the new name.

Trip Trap had always had strong historic connections to the Skagen city at the north point of Denmark and the Skagen, the sea that surrounds the place. The company has its whole inspiration source in the life on and at that sea, having numerous furniture pieces and gift article-classics as result. Functional shaping, handicraft carefulness, uncompromising material selection and the demand of only producing the best things – virtues like that saved the company from the wooden ships of the past into the modern production of furniture and gift articles.

Completely according to the recognition that maritime values and traditions are the important goals for the company, Trip Trap decided to change its name into Skagerak – to display the values of the brand in its name.

Skagerak Denmark would lead the same assortment as before. This means that also furniture classics such as the white Drachmann furniture pieces with the characteristic cross in the back would be available. The innovative designer series by the company would be accentuated with the change of name. This is viewable in a collection of interesting new pieces of furniture that were presented in spring of 2005. The series Ocean would be the most bribing. The Ocean series furniture are based on an essential design that questions the common understanding of garden furniture, and at the same time, the unconventional selection of materials (synthetics and stainless steel) would give a never before seen aesthetic to the series. Ocean and the other spring novelties were presented in a renewed Skagerak catalogue which appeared in the beginning of February.

DESOLATE SEAS PROMO "The Thirteenth Cycle" este 2012
DESOLATE SEAS PROMO "The Thirteenth Cycle" este 2012...
SeaCycle PADDLE Catamaran SEA CYCLE LIMO Pontoon Paddle Boat
SeaCycle PADDLE Catamaran SEA CYCLE LIMO Pontoon Paddle Boat
Sellafield to Seascale Cycle path (very shaky!)
Sellafield to Seascale Cycle path (very shaky!)
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