North Sea Waves

August 26, 2022
North Sea waves | by The

One person died and two were injured after a huge wave hit an oil rig in the North Sea amid stormy weather.

The rig, which belonged to China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) was drilling for Norway’s Statoil at the Troll field, offshore to the west of the Norwegian city of Bergen.

Statoil said in a statement: “It is with sorrow that Statoil and COSL have received confirmation from police that one person is dead following a huge wave that hit the COSL Innovator today.”

The two injured people received medical treatment on land, according to Statoil.

The companies were informed of the incident around 5pm local time on Wednesday.

She said: “Strong winds prevented a helicopter from landing on the rig and people had to be lifted.”

According to MarketWatch, Jorge Andersen, chief executive of COSL Drilling Europe, said: “This is very, very sad. A wave surge had built up and hit the rig, and shattered some of the windows in the accommodation module, 16 to 17 metres above the sea level.”

The rig is being taken to the Norwegian coast, while remaining crew are being evacuated to the mainland by helicopter.

Production at the Troll field, Norway’s largest gas field, was not affected, a Statoil spokesman said.

The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority will be investigating the “serious incident”. They said this was the “first fatal accident in the petroleum industry on the Norwegian continental shelf since 2009”.

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North Sea fishing boat pitches in 20 foot waves
North Sea fishing boat pitches in 20 foot waves
Heavy Strom Dangerous Waves North Sea. 96 kn wind speed.
Heavy Strom Dangerous Waves North Sea. 96 kn wind speed.
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