Sea fishing in North Wales

June 27, 2015
Sea Fishing Trips in North

The following is a brief overview of a typical years fishing aboard the Starida boats, so that depending upon the month you book, you have a good idea of what to expect.

January, February, March and April: On the whole these months early on in the year tend to be a little `hit and miss`. There can be some fine, flat calm sunny days in these months and when the water visibility is good, then Herring are caught on the flood on small tides at Puffin Sound or the boatyard Beaumaris. Thornbacks, Whiting and Dabs can be found, plenty some days, poor others, and the wreck fishing is a little slow, but some Pollack & Cod can sometimes be found.

During April the fishing `picks up` with more plentiful catches of Herring, Whiting and Dabs, The Great Ormes Head can produce some cracking sport, and the inshore banks and bays continue to produce some nice Thornbacks on the fresh Herring as bait. The wrecks produce some more Pollack and Codling also when the weather permits.

May and June: Now the fishing begins to come into its own, some fantastic sport can be enjoyed down the side of Puffin Island at certain states of the tide, for Herring, Pollack Mackeral, Coalfish, Codling and a few Bass. Fishing with Hokkai`s and Shrimp rigs, a mixture of these fish can be caught on the same cast! The wrecks produce some excellent Cod & good Coalfish offshore with some Pollack around the beginning of June, along with some excellent Spurdog fishing, a few miles away on a couple of banks. Gurnards and Tope also start to show, and in June the mackeral arrive in large quantities.

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