North Sea Shipping

December 8, 2021

North Sea Shipping’s past experience provides a solid business platform, but it’s our commitment to innovation and nurturing personal talent that will see the business reach new heights in the future.

The subsea/ROV sector is defined by technology, but driven by people power. Through our policy of hiring experienced, professional and dedicated staff we have built a firm with an excellent reputation – not just for constructing, owning and operating advanced offshore vessels, but also for caring for our customers’ individual needs.

In our quest to constantly maintain and enhance our standards and market reputation, we need the best individuals to join our unique, international and highly skilled team.

If you’re proud of your past, committed to future development, and driven by a relentless desire to provide optimal service levels in this dynamic industry, then please do get in touch.

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North Sea Giant
North Sea Giant
Launching of North Sea Giant
Launching of North Sea Giant
Supply Boat in North Sea Storm 21.01.14
Supply Boat in North Sea Storm 21.01.14
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