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April 12, 2016
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The North Sea Cycle Route is a 6, 000km chain of exciting experiences waiting for the cycling tourist. You will explore an immense amount of scenery in eight different countries: cities, charming towns, villages, countryside from mountains to below sea level. The route takes you through coastal areas with sandy beaches and cliffs, but also inland through woods and past traditional farmhouses. There is no need to worry about finding your way back, you may simply continue cycling and end up where you started or use one of the many ferry links to get back home.


The North Sea Cycle Route is a 6, 000km route based on existing national, regional and local cycle routes in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and England. It is also a part of the EuroVelo project of long-distance cycle routes across Europe and is numbered EuroVelo 12. EuroVelo is co-ordinated by The ECF.

The route opened in 2001 and was awarded a Guinness record certificate in May 2003 as the world's longest cycle route. In the UK the Route follows sections of the National Cycle Network, created by Sustrans and our partners. National Routes 1, 165, and 168 form sections of the UK part of the North Sea Cycle Route. National Route 1 forms the vast majority of the route so if in any doubt, look for this on signs and maps.


1, 057km within England and 1, 242km within Scotland.


Due to the route's length, many maps are required to cover the North Sea Cycle Route fully. Sustrans produce and stock a number of maps that cover the route in the UK. Although the maps are not designed specifically to show the route, the most recently-produced highlight the route with the North Sea Cycle Route icon. European maps of the route are also available from the Sustrans Shop.

Maps of the route that are available are listed on the right hand side of this page and will link you to purchasing via the Sustrans Shop.

Online mapping covering all of the whole North Sea Cycle Route is available by selecting National Route 1 on the Sustrans website and from the Maps & Information section of the official North Sea Cycle Route website.

Further information:

Cyclists intending to take the Stena Ferry between Harwich and Hook should contact the Stena Line Travel Centre at Harwich for booking. There is a £5 charge for each sailing. There is no limit on the number of bikes allowed on the ferry. Please note that bookings for bikes cannot be made online. It is possible to take bikes on overnight crossings as long as you are booked in for accommodation. This is subject to availability. Stena reservations should be made on tel: 70.

iBirthday Surprise - 2011 Sea-Doo RXT aS 260 - route 1
iBirthday Surprise - 2011 Sea-Doo RXT aS 260 - route 1 ...
North Sea Cycle Route - Hook-of-Holland to Esbjerg
North Sea Cycle Route - Hook-of-Holland to Esbjerg
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