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April 6, 2018
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Holland is covered with an extensive network of LF-routes ("landelijke fietsroutes = long distance routes"). It' possible to cycle all around the country along these signposted routes. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this network. The routes mostly follow bicycle lanes or use small countryroads you won't find easily yourself. They will guide you through the most scenic parts of Holland. You can even continue across the border into Belgium or Germany along these LF-routes. We think it's an excellent way of discovering Holland from the bikesaddle.

LF-routes are our favourites!

By now there are 20 different signposted routes, all together 6000 kilometers. Of each of the routes a separate guidebook is for sale, unfortunately in Dutch only. Despite this drawback it is still a good idea to buy one, as the section maps will help you in the (rare) case of a missing sign. The information on overnight accommodation will also be quite useful.

Long distance cycling routes are signposted in both directions. Whenever a sign does not correspond with the route on the map, you are advised to follow the sign. If a sign is completely missing, you may safely rely on the map in the guidebook.

When you are planning to follow several LF-routes we advise you to buy the general guidebooks. In two guidebooks you find a description of all the LF-routes. The maps in these books are also very useful as overall maps. These guides are:
Landelijke Fietsroutes deel 1: Noord- en Midden-Nederland (North and centre of Holland) Isbn 9-287-2
Landelijke Fietsroutes deel 2: Midden- en Zuid-Nederland (Middle and south of the country) Isbn 9-289-6
Another option is the guidebook Ronde van Nederland, which describes the LFroutes along the borders of the country: LF1, LF 10, LF 14, LF 3, and LF 13, and the LF 4 through the middle of the country. Isbn 279

An overview of the LF-routes

More detailed information about LF routes, including GPStracks on this site

Long distance round trips

These signposted roundtrips of the ANWB are another attractive option. They are described in separate guidebooks.

An overview of the long distance round trips

  • Zuiderzeeroute (400 km)
  • Elfstedenroute (230 km)
  • Rondje Groningen (410 km)
  • Rondje Drenthe (460 km)
  • Rondje Achterhoek/kastelenroute Oost-Gelderland (365 km)
  • Rondje Twente via LF-routes (165 km)
  • Eneco Veluweroute (265 km)
  • Rondje rivieren (222 km)
  • Rondje Utrecht (280 km)
  • Fortenroute (200 km)
Fast cycle route Hattem to Zwolle (Netherlands)
Fast cycle route Hattem to Zwolle (Netherlands)
Unravelling: Cycle routes completely separated from
Unravelling: Cycle routes completely separated from ...
Duinrell cycle route 4
Duinrell cycle route 4
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