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February 7, 2019
Inspection and Quality control

An increasing demand for energy has created an unprecedented number of jobs in the oil industry. From roustabout roles for those with no formal qualifications to oil engineer roles for those with engineering degrees, this industry boasts a broad range of job opportunities.

Job Roles


Roustabouts perform unskilled manual labouring jobs on oil rigs and platforms. They help to keep the rigs and platforms working efficiently by moving supplies and equipment to work sites and keeping drilling equipment in working order.


Technicians play a crucial role in the production of oil and in maintaining the systems used in its extraction. They may work under supervision to start up, control and monitor oil production processes or may help to maintain complex mechanical, electrical and instrumental control systems.

Oil Engineers

Oil engineers evaluate sites that contain oil, calculate the amount of oil that can be recovered, and supervise operations until oil wells are exhausted.

Entry Qualifications

The entry qualifications for offshore oil industry jobs vary, depending on the tasks to be carried out.

Prospective roustabouts can enter into employment in the absence of formal academic qualifications. However, many employers seek people with relevant work experience, such as that gained through working in the construction industry. Roustabouts receive at least two weeks’ onshore training before being provided with further on-the-job training on an offshore oil rig or platform.

How To Get A Job On A Drilling Rig With No Experience
How To Get A Job On A Drilling Rig With No Experience
offshore oil rigs jobs no experience
offshore oil rigs jobs no experience
Oil Rig Jobs--No Experience Required
Oil Rig Jobs--No Experience Required
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