North Sea Cycle Route

November 1, 2022
The North Sea Cycle Route is a

Brief introducion

The Rogaland landscape is full of contrasts. From its idyllic fjords, towering mountains, gently undulating moors to the beautiful, white sandy beaches and the pebbly ones too, to the fantastic archipelago.

The North Sea Cycleway through Rogaland is not dangerous, difficult or particularly demanding, except for the stretch from Flekkefjord to Ogna, but the scenery is impressive.

Many of Norway’s best-known painters were drawn to this mystical landscape and spent their summers trying to capture the strangely beautiful quality of light one finds in seascapes.

Island hopping by bike!

Exciting opportunities for island-hopping bike! Take the boat out to one of the Ryfylke islands e.g. Sjernarøy or Finnøy.

This area offers plenty of island hopping opportunities by bike. Take the ferry out Ryfylke islands eg. Sjernarøy or Finnøy. Ferry from Mekjarvik to Skudesneshavn is replaced by sub sea tunnels, so your best option now is to go by express boat to Nedstrand if you want to continue north on North Sea Cycle Route.

Map of possible bike route from Nedstrand to Haugesund can be found here:

The North Sea Cycleroute runs through many of the main towns in Rogaland; Egersund, Stavanger, and “cycle city” Sandnes, and Haugesund, all boasting a diversity of activities and cultural highlights easily accessible to the cycle tourist.

Cycling along the Rogaland coast is a journey through history. The stone fences bear witness to the back-breaking toil put into clearing the soil before it could be cultivated. Each graveyard has a story to tell, and the many lighthouses are like monuments over a dramatic coastal culture.

The North Sea Cycleroute through Rogaland runs through the southernmost tip of “fjord Norway” to Egersund. From here on, you cycle along the old, abandoned west coast highway to Ogna where you meet the first of many sandy beaches, then follow the coast on the old Kongeveien, through Brusand and Vigrestad to the Old Vicarage at Hå.

The route northwards is dotted with beautiful, sandy beaches. From Sola you have the choice of cycling inland to Sandnes and then along the Gangsfjorden to Stavanger or of following the coast through Sola to Tungenes Fyr.

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